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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  November 20, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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park, maryland taking on the terrapins, 8:00 kickoff, 49 degrees. bundle up it will be chilly because the sun will be down. >> thank you, chuck. new at this hour we're learning a teenager has died in manassas after being stabbed. the stabbing happened yesterday afternoon. police say the 15ear-old was walking home from bornhigh school when a group attacked him. rescuers flew him to the hospital where he died. police have made no arrests in this case nor have they released the victim's name. new today a high northern important washington d.c.'s catholic archdiocese. donald wuerl has been evacuated from archbishop to cardinal. he was named to his new post during this ceremony. we saw some of itive this morning at 6:00 a.m he and 23 other cardinals from around the world are the new princes of the church. evacuated cardinal wuerl is schedule to return to washington on tuesday to celebrate his
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first mass as cardinal next sunday at the basica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. this morning the arrest of a suspected serial burglar giving northern virgin homeowners some relief. detectives say they have the man who broke into more than 100 homes and cars in northern virginia. >> they pulled him over in montgomery county d found evidence in his car and home. darcy spencer explains how one phone call cracked this case. he came into our home, we were sleeping. we didn't find out until the next morni and saw our stuff all over the yard. >> reporter: this fairfax county woman is one of the victims of the serial burglary, her home entered through an unlocked door. cash stolen from her purse. now that the suspect has been arrested she will sleep a little easier tonight. >> kind of relieved. knowing that this guy is cut. >> reporter: police in montgomery county arrest brad edmonds after undercover officer caught him breaking into homes.
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>> they charged him with 13 different crimes and currently in the montgomery county detention center. >> repter: he's suspected in more than 100 crimes in fairfax, prince william and montgomery counties. they say he entered homes in cars in the dead of the night hunting for cash. according to court records he s a history of burglary arrests and was convicted on drug and gun charges. this is where he went through. >> reporter: the burglar tried to breakinto this home but his door was locked but couldn't be pried open. >> i'm glad he got caught. >> reporter: police say they identified edmonds after a resident in fairfax county reported seeing his oldsmobile intrigue in the neighborhood. when police pulled him over they found handwritten addresses of homes that had been a targeted.
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>> to have a potentially dangerous person off the street tonight. our citizens will sleep sounder and safer tonight. >> reporter: darcy spencer, "news4 today". the trial of ingmar guandique will go on at least one more day as the jury did not come to a verdict on friday. the jury has deliberated more than 15 hours since wednesday. yesterday jurors asked theudge for the legal defending of assault. proving that ingmar guandique assaulted chance valle via is a key element in the felony ju charge. the jury will return on monday. assistant police chief in the district has been suspended amid a cheating scandal. diane groomes was put on administrative leave while an internal investigation is conducted. she is acsed of helping a training class take a test. she emailed her response to ne 4 saying i sorry for my actions. a federal officer serving probation after shooting and
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kalg siberian husky at a dog park. officer keith shepherd said the dog named bearbear attacked his dog back in august some shot it. the husky's owner's brother said the dogs were playing. judge ruled the shooting was not necessary and sentenced shepherd to probation. a corruption investigation in prince george's county led to several lauls for leslie johnson not to take office next month. last friday federal agents arresteded her and her husband jack johnson on tampering and destruction of evidence charges. voters elected leslie johnson to the county council earlier this month. another council member said the county would be better without her in a public possible vigts now. >> i hope leslie chooses not to take the oath of office. legally she can. but, it would help save prince george's county from further embarrassment. >> more than 100 prince george's county residents sign an online petition against leslie johnson
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taking office. organizers plato deliver to it the maryland general assbly and then to governor martin o'malley. authorities have rule a northern virginia house uninhabitable because of too many cats. inveigators say the owners hered the animals. julie carey has more. >> reporter: fairfax county animal control officers say they lost count at 69 cats when they entered this home to report of possible animal hering. they brought out cage after cage containing cats of every size and color. the home was the headquarters for a rescue adoption group called kitty caregivers. but now code enforcement officials declare the house uninhabitable. >> conditions are pretty about a. the air quality very unsafe for humans and animals. >> reporter: watching the operation unfd the homeowner, her house mate and fellow cat
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rescuer were away at work. they took the cats to a nrby pet smart each weekend for adoption. >> they say the air quality is horrible and dangerous. and the cts can't live there until the air gets cleaned up. and, you know, i've been living there for years and i don't see anything wrong with the air, but not my place to make. >> reporter: animal control officers say some of the cats weresick, that a respiratory infection spreaded through the colony. the women ended up with more cats than they could handle. >> because of the kindness their hearts, they want to help as many animals as they can. it's very easy to get overwheld. >> reporter: neighbors said they never knew so many cats were inside the home. >> never been a nuisance. i never heard anybody in the neighborhood complain whatsoever. that surprises me because everybody loves those ladies. >> reporter: she'll eventually
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get some of her beloved cats back. >> i was very worried they were going take away my cats. now they say once the house gets cleaned up we can have the cats back. >>eporter: animal control officers say there's a cnce that she will be able to have pets back in her home again in the future. but they say it's likely a judge will limit the number of cats she ca own. julie carey, news 4, annandale. more than 12,000 people in d.c. are homeless and since 1988 fannie mae has been tryin to help with those in need with a walk-a-thon. john trippen is live at the mall. >> reporter: the atmosphere out here is electric. thousands of people showing up here this morning not just to enjoy this beautiful weather but, of course, to support a great cause. take a look at this scene.
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the walk began under way just a few minutes ago at 9:00 and here are the numerous groups that have come from around the region to support this cause. you're looking at the largest effort in this country to increase awareness about homelessness. now the fundraising efforts for today's walk will go to support 118 service providers that are in or around this d.c. region. we have politicians onand an d.c. mayor. the walkers are undergoing this 2 1/2 mile walk. now, as you said this walk has been going on since1988 and over the 23 years of this walk with other related efforts it's raised $80 million. a significant amount of money. as organizers say more needs to be raised to prevent others from becoming homeless and lping those who are homeless get off th streets and find jobs. now the walk starts here on the mall as you can see.
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walkers are going underneath the tent where the startine is. they will go across independence avenue. wraparound the tidal basin coming back up jefferson drive and finish right up here at the mall where they started. nbc 4 is a proud sponsor of today's event. doreen gentzler was out here. she kicked off the event. want to mention if you're coming out here to downtown on the mall to enjoy the weather there are streets that are closed off for this event which end at 11:00. we are live here on the mall enjoying the music and dancing. john trippen, back to you. >> nice repertoire of 80s music. still ahead in this hour how you can prevent accidents like this one from happening at your home this thanksgivg. d.c. fire chief is here live in our studios with safety tips you can't afford to miss this holiday. >> later we'll take you to a
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starting under $17,000. get used to more. thanksgiving is many people's favorite holiday. time for good company, even better food sometimes. but in an instant the holiday magic can turn tragic. joining us now is d.c. fire chief dennis rubin with some tips on,000 stay sfe this thanksgiving.
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chief, you saidhanksgiving is one of the busiest days the year for firefighters. >> for kitchen fires it's america's number one busiest day without a doubt a there's a lot of factors that go into that. many more people are cooking. sometimes people haven't used their cooking equipment in quite a while and eery once in a while alcohol gets involved. >> what about the deep fat fryers, we have a frozen turkey. most pple know you don't put a frozen turkey in a deep fat fryer. >> absolutely. one of the biggest things we have to say is remember to take it outdoors. never in the garage or kitchen or basement. simply put if it gets out of controit can become a killer if it's outsideperhaps maybe we can get there and save the day. also remember that there's an lp gas container immediately nearby which could cause devastating problems so care, caution, supervision, don't let the turkey cook by itself, make certain you're there. of course as you mentioned if
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you plunge a frozen turkey into a deep fat fryer you'll have problems. you could have anexplosion. >> when you talk about don't leave the turkey alone to cook. turkeys cook for hours. don't leave the house. >> somebody needs to be at home. that's what i'm askingfor. that's the level of supervision minimal. so if the smoke detector sounds and is in place and working properly, other indications, the room may be filling up with smoke f-it doesn't smell correctly make certain that you go and physically check on it. if you plop th turkey in the oven and go off to church or leave the home you might have a visit from your local fire and emergency medical services department. >> any oer advice you have for folks? >> do not forget about the smoke detector. i've always got to get that message out. please remember to chan that battery. that device is on duty seven days a week. the cold weather is coming.
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get the carbon dioxide detectors working as well. >> you were born at sibley hospitalnd you're going leave the area. >> i'll be leavg in january along with the mayor. i've had a great run. great opportunity. it wou have been nice to stay but cerinly i knew that mayor gray will select a great fire chief and do a great job for this community. >> where your going to go? >> i'm not sure yet. i've interviewed for several jobs so we'll see what pops up. i would like to don't be a fire chief for about five years or more. >> hope to see you back here in five years. chief, thanks for your service. aaron, back over to you. >> 15 after the hour. chuck is here, it's been kind of warm or relatively the last uple of days. >> almost last the two solid weeks have been warmer than average and our stretch of nice weather is almost done. i'll give you complete check of the forecast coming up. join the jaguar platinum celebration !
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harry potter putting a spell on movie goers. the first part of the series finale made around $24 million just fm its midnight showings. the third "twilight" moving eclipse has the record with $30 million. . latest harry potter film is on pace to make anywhere from $132
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million to $157 million over the weekend. the dark knight holds the opening weekend record with more than $158 million. getting old. >> kids are getting old. i know. it's neat to go back and watch the first movie and see how much they've grown snipe think i've seen them all. more and more men are walk being around withushy beards but has nothing do with fashion hair movement. era edwards has the hairy details. >> reporter: this isn't your typil happy hour. all the men in this same room have the same goal to look like tom selleck. not his exciting job or way with women he's after they want the stash. >> we ask men to change their appearance by growing mustache. >> reporter: like many other great ideas this one started over beers six years ago in australia.
9:20 am
it's quickly become a leading fundraiser for prostate cancer. men start the month clean shaven and then grow a mustache for the 30 days of november. they ask for donion. it works. let's face it it's a conversation starter. >> they look at you weird and it starts conversations where you can say a positive word about men' health and e importance of cancer awareness among the male community. >> reporter: participants like it because it's an easy way to raise money for charity. >> no sweat. just looking like an idiot. >> reporter: tom and many women would disagree with that. you need to make fun of the mustaches. this is working. november iexpected to raise $65 million for the prostate cancer foundation and you often see women getting involved in this,t's nice to
9:21 am
have men. >> you can get involved with this too but you have to tape it on or write a check one way or the other. that would be something. i would give 20 bucks just to see her with a mustache. >> really? next halloween pay up. >> what a great day outside today. a lot of sunshine once again. this is at least four, five weekends in a row with great weather. sunshine will help warm us up again today. temperatures expected to be at or above average. that's been quite a stretch of mild weather here in the washgton area for much of the last two weeks w. here's a live picture outside with a clear sky overhead. beautiful day expected today. temperatures are on their way up. most everybody dropped into the mid to high 30s. some cold spots out in warrenton an manassas. 46 degrees our currt temperature at national airport. yesterday we were not above average but that was what broke the stretch. we had been 11 days in a row warmer than average.
9:22 am
for the move november which had a very cold start, november now about half a degree warmer than average for the entire month. outside 50s already up into the panhandle of west virginia. 51 in wincster. charlottesville up to 50 degrees already. 50 down in beautiful southern maryland towards california and leonardtown. 46 degrees now in shady side. great weather expected for today. high pressure number one down here across the carolinas that's been giving us the nice weatr all week. that's slowly slipping further down the south and east leaving us alone. more high pressure across parts of canada will drive this cool front down through our are as a result tomorrow will not be quite as warm as today. and the other thing we'll have to watch for this area of high pressure moves in towards new york and new england eventually we pick up an east to neerl wind. that can spell a lot more in the way of cloud cover tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night on into monday so tomorw not as pretty of a day as today.
9:23 am
nonetheless still not going to be all that bitter cold. that big ridge of high pressure will leave us alone. the next big surge of warm air is on track to arrive here for monday. tuesday we might be up near 70 degrees. for today snny and please. temperatures mid-to-upper 50s. tomorrow sunshine in the morning. clouds on the increase during the d. highs upper 40s and low 50s. your extended forecast calls for another nice mild day with highs back in the 60s. tuesday 70 but with a chance of showers on tuesday. unsettled weather for wednesday and turkey day itself. lots of clouds around. turning very cold around re for next weekend. your colle football forecast. the richland spiders on the road in williamsburg taking on tribe of william & mary. playoff gain, numberive ranked william & mary 3:30 kickoff, 65 degrees. perfect l for that football game. west virginia on the road in louisville. noon kick. 60 degrees.
9:24 am
black knights of army and notre dame playing in new york city 7:00 tonight, brand new seball stadium up there, 47 degrees for a kickoff temperature in that came. and the other one, stanford and cal. the band is on the field. >> we all remember that one, chuck. the caps and wizards were in action last night so were some of the local college hoops teams. >> dan hellie has highlights in this morning's sports in a minute. >> good morning everybody. your "sports minute" starts with the washington capitals. the caps started in net but oy lasted midway through the first period. there were three goals including two in a 15 second span, the capitals le 5-0, they host the flyers tonight at verizon. last night at verizon the wizards beat the grizzlies 89-86. gilbert arenas led the way for the wizards with 24 points.
9:25 am
that's their fourth win of the season. college hoops now. maryland loses tthe illini of illinois, 80-76. jordan williams had 15 for the terps. maryland 3-2 on the season. georgetown in the final of the charleston classic, beating their opponent 74-59. the senior vaughn got his first career double-double, 10 points and 20 rebounds. the hoyas will play ncaa state in the championship game on sunday. the wolfpack get there by beating george mason 74-59. long led the patriots with 16. high school football. play of the night from quince orchard and damascus. the hornets, fraser going deep to number one, brandon phelps a 64 yard oring touch. one of two touchdown catches for phelps. damascus advances to the state semi-finals, the final on this one 33-14. that's your "sports minute". i'm dan hellie, everybody have a great weekend.
9:26 am
there is much more ahead this hour. up next you can expect a pat down or a full body scan if you're flying oust town for the holiday season, but wait until you hear who may not have to go through the tough security screening. she could serve on e prince george's county council or serve hard time in prison. the debate over leslie hnson's
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[trumpet playing "reveille" throughout] let's support the small business owners getting our economy booming with the first ever small busiss saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence]
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you may be subject to additional screening. >> upset about those full body screens and. at dos at airport security checkpoints. some people may not have to deal with the reenings at all. good morning welcome to "news4 today", i'm kimberly suiters. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it saturday, november 20, 2010. we'll take a look at our headlines in a second. first a quick check on our forecast. chuck bell is here with us on another beautiful saturday. >> i should put the old handout for these kinds of weekends. sunsne and nice. outside a beautiful start to our weekend, sunny once again. still a little bit of fall color left in and arnd the city of washington. most of the color is gone as you go into the colder outlying areas. not much color left there. temperatures are in the mid-40s around town butsome of the high spots already in the mid-50s.
9:30 am
winchester, front royal towards martinsburg and charl town and southern ld temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. we're on track for a mild afternoon. temperatures zooming to the upper 50s. 59 degrees around 3:00 this afternoon. make your plans to get outside and enjoy it. the cavaliers of virginia are on the road at boston college. howling west wind in chestnut hill this afternoon so watch out for that one. a noon kickoff, indiana hoosiers anpenn state nittany lions at fedex field in landover, a noon kick there. 56 degrees. go from that game go, over to watch navy play in annapolis or go to college park at 8:00 for the seminoles and the terps. everyone is still on the road. >> you can go to all three of those games. i wish i could snipe know you do. thank you, chuck. new this morning two people are dead after an accident in prin william county. it happened lastnight around 9:00 near lee highway and james
9:31 am
madison highway in gainesville. a third personas hurt and flown to a nearby hospital. police don't know how many vehicles were involved in the crash but they have confirmed at least one burst into flames. investigators are still looking into how exactly the crash happened. we'll continue to update this story. the catholic church's new college of cardinals include the leader of washington, d.c.'s catholic diocese. donald wuerl got a promotion. he along with 23 other clearingy members were evacuated from archshop to cardinal. the second highest ranking in the catholic church under the pope. they serve as adviceories and participate in. aal elections if under the age of 80. he's scheduled to hold his first mass in washington next sunday. it is the hot topic as millions prepare to hit the skies for thanksgiving. more and more people are speaking out against new
9:32 am
security measures at airports across the country. it got so heated tsa officials are trying totep in and quiet the storm. jackie bensen has more nowfrom ronald reagan washington national airport. >> reporter: at national airport passengers waited to claim their bags after a flight under the new more intrusive tsa screening including body scans and pat down searches. >> onehing i noticed there were a lot of body searches going through security. >> reporter: the growing furor over intrusiveness has compelled the head of the national treasury employees union to issue a don't hate us statement on behalf of the tsa officers. it reads tsa officers carry out an essential job for their country. they don't cate the security procedures. regardless of their objection to specific security procedures i would ask that the public and members of the media respect these officers and the important work they do. more lawsuits are coming from passengers who claim the new rules are unconstitutional, violating the fourth amendment ban on unreasonable searches.
9:33 am
>> before you do these kind of things to american citizens in the st there must be some reasonable suspion that they are involved in some kind of criminal activity. >> reporter: courts have approved of airport security efforts. finding that they are justified by the need to maintain security. >> that doesn't mean the judges give a blank check to the government. they certainly don't do that. but it means that th are cautious about stepping in and overturning a regulation that the executive branch thinks is necessary. >> reporter: 80% of americans that respond to a poll say they don't object to the full body scanners. >> i want to be safe. it doesn't matter to me. >> reporter: the tsa will allow airline pilots to skip some security checks. at national airport, jackie bensen, "news4 today". >> and even though those pilots allowed to skip through the body scanners and pat downs the rules have not chang for flight attendants a that has them fired up. some are complaining the new rules in effect will be a
9:34 am
complete disruption of their daily routines. they say they don't under why they have to go through the security measures and pilots don't even though they've gone through the same training. >> it's a double standard in our opinion. we're all qualified. we go through training every year just like the pilots. so it's a slap in the ce. >> the transportation workers ion local 556 which represents soutest airlines flight attendants has sent a letterto homeland security and the tsa saying screening of flight crews is not only unnecessary but a waste of resources. if you're driving instd of flying this thanksgiving and plan on taking 95 through delaware you may want to consider another ute. transportation officials are warning that starting tuesday construction at the delaware toll plaza will cause major delays. the maryland transportation authority said construction will last through the sunday after thanksving to avoid the
9:35 am
traffic. authorities say time your trip to avoid peak travel hours and easy pass users can take the express lanes. one week after a corruption crackdown started in prince george's county some say maybe leslie johnson shod not take office. she was elected to a council seat but that was before federal agents arrested her and her husband county executive jack johnson. derrick ward has the questions rising about her political future. >> reporter: while there's n formal call for leslie johnson not take office next month, fellow incoming council member mel franklin addressed the issue from a personal perspective. >> i hope leslie chooses not to take the oath of office. legally she can. but it would help save prince george's county from further emrrassment. >> reporter: also speaking to the matter delegates jay walker and justin ross. >> we talk about constitution and innocent until proven guilty. my personal opinion is, can this be overcome?
9:36 am
i don't think it can. are we one to say that if you're 100% innocent you believe that in your heart should you step away from some allegation? that's a decision she has to make and you hope she makes the best decision in the interest of prince george's. >> we've been put in the spotlight. why we're responding to this is because we want the state, county residents and entire the world know there's a better prince george's county coming. >> reporter: what if she does not take her seat. there are procedures in place. >> the board of elections would be required to conduct a special election. >> reporter: candidates would have to meet all the requirements to get on the ballot. there would be a primary and general election for the district in which the vacancy occurs. >> we estimate the cost for that would be about $400,000 $600,000. >> reporter: still at this point there's no indication that johnson will not be seated or any of these scenarios will be more than academic. >> we're talking about the perception not only in annapolis but across the country. >> reporter: derrick ward, news
9:37 am
4. so far more than 100 prince george's county residents have signed going online petiti again leslie johnson taking office. orgazers pn to deliver it to the maryland geralassemb and to governor martin o'malley. it's 9:37 right now. still ahead one of hollywo's ggest publicists is the victim of a real life murder mystery. the story that has everyone in tinseltown talk. what brough fbi agents to the set of "dancing with the stars". the details when we return. [ steve ] i waregistering my citi card for the holiday sweepstakes, when i got this toy from my colleague in japan. turns out robosan was the hottest toy of the year. [ news tv ] robosan 4000 is sold out across the country.
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"dancing with the stars" has more controversy but this time it doesn't have anything to do with the dancers. the fbi is investigating threatening letter with a suspicious wte powder that was found in the mailroom last night. it's unclear whom the letter was addressed to. emergency rsonnel said initial tests showed the powder was not hazardous but will be taken to a lab for further testing. >> there were some reports it mit be related to bristol palin becae she advanced to the finals but some people don't think she shouldn't have made it. >> that's a little nutty. it's a real life hollywood who-dun-it after one of t most powerful publicists in the area was kille >> george lewis reports it might have been planned.
9:41 am
>> reporter: it was an unlikely spot for a street shooting. beverly hills. she was an unlikely target, ronnie chasen a 64-year-old movie publicist well known in the film industry. >> people in hollywood are more than horrified. they are in absolute shock. >> reporter: she was the go to person if you wanted to get your movie promoted forscar contention. last year's oscar winner slum dog millionaire, for example. monday night i the premier of the movie burlesque, she was hobnobbing. afterwards she drove her mercedes west on sunset boulevd into beverly hills. at about 12:30 as she was turning off sunset towards home officials say another car perhaps a big suv pulled alongside her and someone opened fire. shattering the passenger window of her car. from he where the shots were fired chasen mortally wounded
9:42 am
continued down this side street until her car hit a light pole. police are reviewing crams from home on this block. chasen was still alive when paramedics aarrived but pronounced dead an hour later at the hospital. on sunday the who's who of hollywood will turn out for her furniture ral. 9:42 righnow. 54 degrees outside. >> chuck bell is here with us this morning and we like weekends. >> oh, yes. >> i'm here. >> i'm here. >> making sure. >> a lot of outdoor usable weather time for this afternoon and for tomrow as well. give you a complete check of the forecast and a look onown the road towards thanksgiving, urse. more college football forecasts next. with capital one bank's new checking with rewards,
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meet two very luck turkeys. these are the two birds traveling to the white house to be pardoned by president obama. both of them will be sent to george washington mount vernon estate where they will live out the rest of their days in pieces, no peace. >> you did not. >> i tried for a laugh. they will have areat time. >> i was having a nice memory of the girls petting theturkeys last year and now you're talking about turkeys chopped up in
9:46 am
pieces. >> it was interesting there's two turkeys. >> there's a presideial turkey and a vice president alturkey. >> in case something happens to the presidential turkey you have to have the number two in command. absolutely. going to be relatively not the best weather for thanksgiving, the early lean on thanksgiving going to be cloudy and chance for showers around here. that's not necessarily ood. weekend after thanksgiving really on that, the cold air of winter is ready to come down washington. it will be arrivingere the day after thanksgiving so sort of file that in the back of your mind as you make your plans to get your thanksgiving holiday stuff done. ouide on a beautiful saturday morning we have sunshine streaming down into washington right now under a mostly clear sky. there are a few mid-level clouds drifti on by but they are not rain makers. mostly sunny day today. 46 degrees the current temperature at ronald reagan washington national airport. dew point in the mid-30s. not much of a breeze out there. wind out of the west to
9:47 am
northwest at five to ten miles per hour. not a big windy day to worry about for todaytemperatures already well up in the mid-50s across the high spots. winchester and martinsburg mostly mid-40s right here around town. nice weather f today. today will be the better of the outdooreather day as high pressure centered down across the carolinas in charge of our weather for the remainder of saturday this weather front is coming down through the area tonig and into tomorrow on the other side of that front slightly cooler air mass and as this air of high pressure heads to the new england coastline that east to northeasterly wind flow will introduce more in the way of cloud cover. tomorrow starts off with sunshine but the day will become mostly cloudy and temperatures will hold tomorrow in the upper 40s and low 50s whereas today we're up to close to 60 degrees. that cold snap won't last long. a big warming trend by monday morning. that big bubble of warm airputs us back to 60s on monday and 70
9:48 am
degrees on tuesday. tuesday afternoon the rain chances come back. today mostly sunny and please. today is the beau of a day to get outside and enjoy it. sun goes down at 4:51. fredericksburg, stafford, spotsylvania might bet to 60 degrees. tomorrow sunshine early but clouds on the increase. highs upper 40s low 50s. nice day today. chilly and cloudy day tomorrow. cloudy but mild on monday. very warm on tuesday with highs ne 70 but a risk of a rain shower by tuesday afternoon. your extended forecast the day before thanksgiving kind of showery weather with highsn the 50s. thanksgiving day, there's a shout out from turkey tom. giving gobble. cold weather returns as we head towards friday and on into next weekend. the college football. nebraska on the road facing the 12th man in college station at 8:00 tonight. 68 degrees there. nebraska can clinch their spot in the big2 title game with a win there.
9:49 am
wisconsin is on the road to michigan. partly cloudy skies. 38 degrees at noon time for kickoff there butif you're from wisconsin and michigan that not bad. ohio state buckeyes is on the road in iowa. 41 degrees with a stiff easterly breeze. of course by beloved sooners on the road. we're not a very good road team. i remain panic stricken. playing baylor. 65 degrees for an 8:00 kickown there in waco, texas. we're pulling for the crimson and cream, aren't we? >> are we? >> aren't we? >> yes. >> go bears. go bears. thank you, chuck. >> tough crowd. 9:49. still ahead want to know what donovan mcnabb and chris cooley are like off the football field? lindsay czarniak found out when she sat down for lunch with their better half. >> the game hasn't started but we can tell you dye's illinois
9:50 am
northwestern football game will be one sided. we'll ♪
9:51 am
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wrigley field in chicago has some pretty unique dimension and it's causing some uniq rules in today's game between illinois and northwestern. they will play with just one end zone. the back of one of the end zones sits a foot away from the brick
9:54 am
wall. two teams will go the same way en they are on offense. both athletic directors say it's not ideal but the safety of players is most important. >> interceptions will be very interesting. they say behind every great man is a great woman. that's definitely the case with two of the redskins biggest stars. >> our own lindsay czarniak found that out for herself recently when she sat down to lunch with donovan mcnabb and chris cooley's wives. >> reporter: i know when donovan got here he took them to arizona and did the whole bonding training type thing. is there anything you did to get acclimated quicker with this group? >> they reached out to me. i thought that was nice. i didn't have to doanything. they brought me into the fold.
9:55 am
>> chris went out there and called you. >> reporter: you guys are both former athletes, you were a vp player for basketball for syracuse. you're a former cheerleader. >> i know, that's a pretty big al. >> cheerleading is a huge part of your life. >> i grew up in this area, so for halloween i was a redskins cheerleader. oh, my gosh, yeah. so i have all these pictures. so, i mean, to make that team -- i never thought i was going to make that team. i had the time of my life, i was young, telling the world --
9:56 am
>> it must be intesting too, because whereas chris has the perspective of knowing what that energy and emotion is like on the field, so do you to a degree. you guys relate about that? i mean, can you? >> i think back when i first started dating him, i could relate a little more. it's a whole different world now. yeah, i mean, walking around -- no, seriously, i mean i i don't know. >> how do you describe your relationship as far as both being athletes, being very competitive? >> with each other? yes. >> we're competitive about everything. >> do you really?
9:57 am
>> can you beat him on the basketball court? >> if we had to go full court, i'd beat him. >> and you think that's because? >> because i'm fter, that's what i tell him. >> i'd love to see it. >> if it's half court, he would out muscle me. don't no van wasn't there to defend himself. >> talking smack. >> that's it for "news4 today". thanks everyone for joining us. [ beeping ]
9:58 am
♪ my country ♪ 's of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪ can you tell me what f-stop you had the aperture set to? uh, pretty big. and the shutter speed? really...[snaps]...quick. how did you compensate for the diminished light? very well, tnk you.
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